Introducing Infosec Happenings

Way back in 2013 I was potentially going to be tagging along with my wife as she attended a work conference in Las Vegas. I started looking around the Interweb for security related events happening there in early January to give me something to do. After an hour I was getting somewhat cranky with exactly how totally distributed the information was. Thus InfoSec Happenings was born.

I'm now excited to announce InfoSec Happenings v1.5: The Happeningier. Instead of being just a lame old shared Google Calendar with the ics subscription link it's now a lame old shared Google Calendar embedded into a web page that still contains a ics subscription link.

As always the calendar is a work in progress, I have some thoughts on a proper v2.0 but would love to hear what you all would like to see. Leave me some feedback in the comments below or tweet me.